Orin Redmond, Student Pastor

Recently joining the team at Riva Trace, I want people to know that I am passionate about teaching and discipling youth. Rather than just lecturing teens into a state of boredom, I love to “do life” with them. Whether its walking with them in their relationship with our Lord and Savior, serving others along side of them, helping them to navigate the stresses of middle and high school, or building them into relational disciple-makers that genuinely care about others, I aim to make an impact in their lives while being a tool in the Father’s hands and a servant of servants as was modeled for all of us by Christ.

I was born and raised in northern New Jersey and graduated from William Paterson University in 2006 with a BA in Psychology. Continuing my education at Rowan University, I later received my MA in Mental Health Counseling and Applied Psychology in 2009 and became a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of NJ. I worked as a group, family, and individual counselor with teens from Camden, NJ until 2015 when I was called to walk obediently and enter into full-time ministry. Around this time, I also completed seminary and received my MA in Christian Ministry with a concentration in Discipleship and Local Church Ministry.

My wife, Kiersten, and I have been married since 2011. We have two amazing little children, Noah and Baylie. Kiersten is Super Mom, Noah is a quiet thinker, and Baylie will more than likely be cast for the role of Rambo or Terminator if they decide to remake those movies again. I enjoy watching New York sports (Yankees and Jets), good food, Mountain Dew, and being active outdoors. I also have a sense of humor and tend to be very sarcastic, so forgive me if that side comes out when I meet you.