Winter Relief

Phone: 410-798-4868
Ministry Leader: Bob Wittman

About Winter Relief

The Winter Relief Program (WRP) is an emergency shelter for homeless men and women during the winter months. Riva Trace is one of over 65 churches across Anne Arundel County who participate in this program every year. The winter of 2018 will be out 17th year to serve this ministry.

This winter, Riva Trace will serve up to 30 homeless guests at a church in Cape St. Claire, who will be at the church from about 5:30 PM each day until about 7:00 AM the following day.

The Intake Center signs in those who need food and shelter, screens the men and women’s behaviors, and administers alcohol breath-tests and police background checks before allowing them into the program. Our drivers pick up the guests from Intake and bring them to the church, where they register and find their cots.

A host of other volunteers provide them a hot meal, the opportunity to take a shower, a haircut, clean laundry, and a warm friendly environment to spend the cold winter/autumn night. RTBC volunteers also conduct Bible Studies, nurse consultation, and fellowship, and join our guests playing checkers, chess, scrabble, and other table games. The next morning brings breakfast and a bag lunch before we take our guests back to Intake.

The week-long program takes the commitment of dozens of church volunteers, and much prayer support. The blessings both given and received during this single week are felt and shared in a way only possible through allowing ourselves to be the hands and feet of Christ to “the least of these brothers” (Matthew 25:40).