E3 Leadership

E3 is designed to be leadership meetings and trainings for all ministry leaders and volunteers are Riva Trace Baptist Church. These meetings are held twice a year and have three focuses each time we come together.


Attendees hear encouraging things happening in the life of RTBC (ex: Baptisms, people coming to faith, events, families joining through membership, etc). This helps our leaders and volunteers see that what they do each week is Kingdom Work and is a way that God uses their willingness to impact someone else’s eternal life.


Each meeting, vision is shared and skills are taught to help leaders and volunteers understand how they can play a role in leading people to Jesus.


Just as Jesus sent His disciples out to minister to the world, our leaders and volunteers are then commissioned to go and use what they have taken from these meetings to impact our community and love on everyone they encounter, the same as Jesus would.


Volunteer Awards Lunch


Each February, we celebrate our volunteers with a big Appreciation Lunch. Volunteers are acknowledged for their hard work, commitment to the Lord, and impact on ministry. WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS and this lunch is one small way we try to show our gratitude. Our next Volunteer Appreciation Lunch is February 11, 2024 after service.


Team Day (Sept 17, 2023)