Jesus loves women! In fact, Riva Trace believes that women are critical to the work and ministry of His church…through every woman, no matter their age, background, or experience. We simply want all women to experience for themselves and to trust in the steadfast and immeasurable love of our Father, shown to us through His Son, Jesus Christ. We are committed to creating opportunities for women to connect with one another and grow in their relationship with Jesus through discipleship, studying God’s Word, worshipping, serving, and having fun together — so that, women at RTBC feel valued, worthy, and accepted; so that, women are equipped, supported and connected at each life stage, in their families, careers, ministry, and relationships; and so that, leaders are faithfully honoring and protecting those God has placed in our care and pointing them to His Word, the Bible. We invite you to participate in some of the many events and studies that take place throughout the year. Riva Trace welcomes and encourages all women through women-only Bible studies, social events, and an annual conference.

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Ministry Leader: Leigh Ann Gallion


Speakers: Leigh Ann Gallion and Melody Knox

Building upon a three-year series that included how women are Made Worthy and Loved Radically we finished with Awakened

Who is the Holy Spirit? Is it important for Christian believers to be aware of who the Holy Spirit is and how He works? Yes! We need to consider what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit and how that should transform our relationship with God. This conference we were able to encourage every woman to be AWAKENED to the power of the Holy Spirit in our world and in their lives.

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Leigh Ann Gallion

Leigh Ann Gallion

Riva Women Leader

Hi! My name is Leigh Ann – I am married to my (mostly-awesome) husband, Chris.  We live in Lothian, along with my mom (Mary) and our dog Coco. It is such an honor to lead Riva Women, the women’s ministry of RTBC.  The Lord has brought so many faithful women (and men) into my life as mentors, confidants, teachers, and encouragers.  It is so great to see how their faith has prepared me for the awesome challenge of leading this ministry and demonstrating to women that RTBC loves them, but most importantly, God loves them!

Throughout the work week I am a business and technology strategist for a non-profit that works in the public interest with Federal agencies, helping to solve problems and make our world a safer place.  I love what I do!  I love that God has surrounded me by Christians at work who encourage me to faithfully serve the Lord and that God teaches me things through my work that I am able to bring back to our church and Riva Women!

I grew up in California, in a very small town surrounded by fields of alfalfa, vegetables, and cattle.  My parents made sure we were in church every Sunday and I made the decision to follow Jesus and was baptized when I was about 7 years old.  I was active in church, singing in the choir and participating in the youth group. But I was a pretty stubborn teenager (shocker!) – I struggled with worry, self-confidence, and trying to please others.

College was in-state (but 400 miles away from home!!) and where I truly started pursuing Jesus for myself and seeking to have a personal relationship with Him. God then led me to Florida for graduate school (where I also met my husband) and then to Maryland, where we’ve now lived for 15+ years.  My walk with Jesus has continued to ebb, flow, and deepen – particularly as I have been more intentional about studying God’s word and being available for the Holy Spirit to work through every area of my life.  I am so thankful that God knows I am a work in progress, that He is faithfully working on my heart and helping me (slowly) grow in my faith and confidence in Him.

I truly hope you will join us – come just as you are – and connect with our Riva Women.  We can’t wait to get to know you!!