Band of Brothers

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone:  410-798-4868

Ministry Leaders: Pete Marshman, Alan Haines, and Larry Fee

Meetings: Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

About the Band Of Brothers

Band of Brothers is committed to helping men grow in their faith by providing a safe place for men to relax, study, pray, and share. We support each other in the challenges of daily life. We are open to all men no matter where they are in their spiritual walk. Whether you are a new follower of Jesus, a long time Christian or a man who is searching for answers, you are welcome in the Band of Brothers. Scripture tells us no one can stand alone and that we need others around us to help and support and care for us.

In addition to our weekly Tuesday evening meetings at RTBC at 6:15 pm we have special events such as movie nights, steak dinners, and service projects.



  •     To connect with like-minded men having fun and developing meaningful relationships.
  •     To be committed to know Christ and follow Him.
  •     To be spiritual leaders in our homes, workplaces, and church.
  •     To give men the tools to live out God’s calling on their lives.

Fellowship Events

  •     Men’s movie night.
  •     Men’s steak dinner, crab feast, and shrimp feast.
  •     Service Projects.

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