How will you EMERGE from this pandemic?  How can you both sustain your personal spiritual life and stay on mission while dealing with so many new realities?  The return of Israel to the Promised Land after captivity in Babylon teaches us how to walk that path effectively.  Come journey with Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther and learn how you can EMERGE stronger, better, and closer to Christ.

Title: ​ Emerge: Leading in the Face of Opposition

Speaker: Jonathan Bryant

Date: 06/28/2020

Scripture: Nehemiah 4-6


Title: ​ Emerge: When Little is Big

Speaker: Pastor Dennis Gray

Date: 06/21/2020

Scripture: Ezra 3:10-11, Zechariah 4:8-10

Title: ​ Emerge: Fasting In Faith

Speaker: Pastor Orin Redmond

Date: 06/14/2020

Scripture: Ezra 6-10


Title: ​ Emerge:- Purpose Driven or Pointless Living

Speaker: Pastor Orin Redmond

Date: 06/07/2020

Scripture: Esther 4


Title: Emerge: When Brokenness Turns into Boldness

Speaker: Jonathan Bryant

Date: 05/31/2020

Scripture: Nehemiah 1-2

Title: ​ Emerge: It’s Never Easy

Speaker: Pastor Dennis

Date: 05/24/2020

Scripture: Ezra 3-6

Title: ​ Emerge: It’s All About God

Speaker: Pastor Dennis

Date: 05/17/2020

Scripture: Ezra 1:1-4