Exodus: Freedom

Waiting is difficult under any circumstance.  It is especially difficult when we are waiting for God.  Waiting can turn us into demanding, angry, or depressed people. But, if we embrace waiting WITH God instead of waiting FOR God, we discover the gift of an accepting, open, joyful heart.  Waiting WITH God is where we learn how to be happy when we don’t get our way.  Waiting WITH God is where we learn how to release our timing and trust His timing. Waiting WITH God is an invitation for God to come to us in His time, and in His way.  We all have to wait.  Come discover how to be your best self as you wait.  Come this Easter and learn how to Be Still and wait WITH God. 

Title: Burning Bush

Speaker: Pastor Harry Clow

Date: 5/19/2024


Title: A Mother’s Hope

Speaker: Pastor Orin Redmond

Date: 5/12/2024


Title: Joseph Who?​

Speaker: Dr. Rousawn Dozier

Date: 5/5/2024