First Impressions

We exist to provide the warmest atmosphere possible for guests and members alike. Our goal is to make every person who comes through our doors feel like a part of the family.

The Welcome Center is a critical hub on Sunday mornings. Whether guests or members need directions, information, or just have a question, this team is here to help meet their needs.

Visiting a church can be an intimidating or confusing experience. Our Greeting team offers a friendly smile, share information, and provide a warm welcoming environment for all who come to visit and worship with us.

The Usher Ministry serves people in the Worship Center by greeting them, offering a bulletin, helping them find a seat if necessary, and providing whatever other guidance or help they may need.

Our Parking Team greets people warmly and provides assistance for those who need help getting out of their cars and into the Worship Center. This team also directs traffic and parking during large events.

The Overflowing Cup coffee shop is dedicated to providing excellent service and great quality beverages to every person who walks through the doors of the church. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where people can come together and experience a friendly smile and a great cup of coffee.


Phone: 410-798-4868