Marriage Conference 2023: Build Your Marriage

Just as a great house is built from the foundation up, so is a great marriage. Maybe you are newly married and would like to lay a firm foundation for your marriage, or your marriage is good, but it could be great with a little investment. Perhaps your marriage is recovering from infidelity, neglect, or trauma and you need help navigating these serious issues. No matter where your marriage is right now, we want to help you build your marriage even stronger.

Build A Legacy Though Your Marriage

Everyone builds a legacy, either positive or negative. This session is loaded with application, practical insights, and ideas that will leave a godly impact on your family and others.

The Five Phases of Marriage

When a couple can identify their current phase of marriage and anticipate the coming phase, they are more resilient and unified. Brad and Heidi walk couples through each phase providing hope and realistic expectations rooted in scripture.

Build Your Marriage Through Healthy Communication

This session includes teaching on key skills for communicating in marriage, pitfalls to watch out for, how to develop empathy and more!

Join us here at Riva Trace as we spend the day learning to build better communication, spiritual growth and build a legacy in your marriage. 

$50 per couple

Scholarships available

Childcare available at additional cost