Prayer Groups


Phone:  410-798-4868

Our relationship with God is much like the relationships we have with our friends and family members.  Relationships grow when they are cultivated through conversation and time spent together.  Prayer is one of the tools God provides us to communicate and grow in our relationship with Him.  Prayer is simply listening and communicating with God.  At Riva Trace we invite you to be a part of any or all Prayer Small Groups.  Our prayer groups gather on Sunday mornings @ 8:30am, Sunday evening @ 5pm and Wednesday morning @ 7am.
Join us as we P.R.A.Y.

  • Praise God for who He is
  • Repent-ask God to show us anything in our hearts and lives that is not pleasing to Him
  • Ask for provision and direction of physical & spiritual needs for our church, ourselves, family, friends, nation & world
  • Yield-say “yes” to God’s will for us