Determining what is REAL becomes more difficult every day.  The food we order seldom looks or tastes the way the menu promises, the clothes we buy never look or fit as well as promised, and our dream vacation fails to live up to expectations we create in our mind.  Even the people we meet don’t conform to the image presented on social media.  Finding something…anything… that is authentic, genuine, and REAL seems almost impossible in today’s world.  But it isn’t impossible with God’s help.  Come learn how to be what God created you to be…and what RTBC is striving to be…Real People…with Real Faith…Building Real Community to Transform our World for Jesus Christ.

Title: REAL Transformation

Speaker: Pastor Dennis Gray

Date: 10/02/2022

Scripture: John 1:35-40, John 1:41-42, John 12:20-26, Acts 17:1-9

Title: REAL Community

Speaker: Pastor Orin Redmond

Date: 09/25/2022

Scripture: Philippians 1:3-11; Exodus 17:8-16


Title: REAL Faith

Speaker: Pastor Dennis

Date: 09/18/2022

Scripture: Heb. 11:1, Rom. 1:17, 1Tim. 6:12, Mark 9:24, James 2:17, Heb. 11:6


Title: REAL People

Speaker: Pastor Dennis

Date: 09/11/2022

Scripture: Exodus 3-4; Philippians 3; Acts 9; Luke 5:1-11